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Laugh at my fiscal misery and stupid acquisitions.

	Got my cell phone back...

Last night (you know).

1 (one) Unagi

1 (one) pint New Castle
1 (one) pint Beamish
1 (one) Pernod- straight up with a water back.
1 (one) pint Vodka and some kinda juice

Other consumption:
2 (two) hours Tekken madness- Eddy Gordo will face the Anger of Beast for his crimes against nature.

back home (05:00)
2 (two) dozen Tater Tots- with garlic, Oregano, Cumin and pepper.
Unfortunately, in my drunken rush to consume they were a bit under done (I ate them anyway).

This morning

1 (one) stick Black Black chewing gum

1 (one) bottle Suntory C.C. Lemon- $4.74
2 (two) packs KissMint Wake Up gum- 2X $1.26
2 (two) bottles Aka-Mamushi drink- 2X  $1.64
2 (two) bottles Oronamin- C drink- 2X $1.49
I'm so thirsty. :(
2 (two) bottles Suntory Coffee Boss- 2X $1.54
and hung over. :)
1  (one) package Kikkoman shiro miso soup $1.89
1 (one) bottles Suntory oolong tea $3.30

2 (two) bottles Schweppes ginger ale- $2.18
1 (one) package Hebrew National sliced corned beef- $1.99
1 (one) package lamb blade chop- $2.95
2 (two) gallons spring Water- $2.16 
2 (two) packages lamb arm chops- $2.77+ $3.28

I got a  5% award certificate!
I don't know what the hell that is.