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Laugh at my fiscal misery and stupid acquisitions.

This is the first issue (0626991313- date and time) so I'll try to remember what I spent last night. I hope to expand the sites features shortly.

Last Night, yo.

1 (one) pint Beamish beer $4.50
1 (one) pint Beamish beer $4.50- for my brother
1 (one) tip for bartender $2.00
1 (one) tip for dancer $5.00
1 (one) Vodka Martini $?- still happy hour though :)
1 (one) more pint Beamish beer $4.50- for my brother
1 (one) tip for bartender $2.00?
2 (two) pints Beamish $14 something- happy hour ended :(
Pow, a cocktail lounge> New Happy Hour
2 (two) Blavods on the rocks $8.00
2 (two) tips for bartender $2.00

P.S. I recieved a few additional rounds of drinks that others paid for,
hence, my memory fails me.

Other consumption:
noodles in Super hot soup (around 22:00)
with seared Ahi tuna
I was really drunk when I cooked this so I mean SUPER HOT.
hot Japanese mustard + Chinese chili sauce

If you want the recipe, email me.

This Morning

1 (one) loaf Soft and Soft bread $2.45
4 (four) cans Coffee Boss coffee $6.12- Seven type brew
3 (three) cans Aka-Mamushi (Red Viper) energy? drink $4.32
2 (two) packs Black Black gum $2.24
6 (six) pieces KFC crispy things (you know what that is) $5 something.

More consumption:

A two egg omelete
with turkey
and three KFC things
Two cans Coffee boss
And a can of Pepsi (wht the fuck was I thinking?).

Get around.