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Laugh at my fiscal misery and stupid acquisitions.

	I got off work after midnight.  I was just developing a migrane.
	Some friends called- they were at Pow...

Last Night, but really Early This Morning.

At work
2 (two) cans Aka-Mamushi energy drink
2 (two) cans Coffe Boss Seven
2 Apple Jolly Rancher candies
3 (three) pieces KFC Crispy Strips- cold

Way past Happy Hour
2 (two) Blavods on the rocks
1 (one) Oban Sigle Malt Scotch straight up

My drinks were graciously paid for by my hosts.

Other consumption:
1 (one) packet powdererd asprin
a lot of bullshit (drunk talk)

I served:
several hefty beatdowns in Tekken 3- King, Nina and Paul style!


1 (one) can Aka-Mamushi (Red Viper) energy drink

More consumption:

1 (one) hour of E! tv- Gossip show (what was I thinking)

I woke and promptly watched the same program when the sun came up, baka!
The really sad thing is that I was actively hoping to see the latest
installment of MTV's Real World Hawaii (now that's hedonism!).