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As I write this, my wallet contains:

32 (thirty-two) dollars cash
1 (one) California Driver's License- suspended
1 (one) Academy of Art College id
1 (one) BofA Visa
1 (one) BofA Versatel/Visa
1 (one) Union 76 credit card
2 (two) business cards- For this site.
1 (one) business card- Product Designer
1 (one) receipt- Thirsty Bear

  • 1 (one) Garlic shrimp- $7.00
  • 1 (one) Fried Potatoes- $4.75
  • 3 (three) pints- Brown bear beer $12.00
  • 1 (one) shot- Aberlour scotch $6.00
  • 1 (one) - Thirsty margarita $7.00

(one) reciept- Enrico's

  • 4 (four) dozen oysters on the half shell- don't ask. $96.00
  • 2 (two) French fries $7.00

(one) note- Writer's meeting on the ninth.

I'm consuming:

(one) cup coffee- Peet's
(one) chocolate croissant



Psst. I've got a secret. I have a prettier site at Definitely pretty pictures and ugly words.

Sorry to interupt this site. I am Aegis' friend, H. (I promise) The French Connection and The Spanish Folly are finished. Unfortunately, they may have to be considered postumous. Aegis is missing, presumed dead by the country and government he founded. I implore you, find Aegis- dead or alive. Clues to his whereabouts abound but as of yet no reliable source has spoken up.

Get your faded New Year on.