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As I write this, my wallet
$14.00- 1 (one) five and 9 (nine) singles
1 (one) California driverŐs license
1 (one) College ID card
1 (one) Work ID card
1 (one) Medical ID card
1 (one) business card- Bartender
1 (one) business card- Artist
1 (one) business card- Publisher
1 (one) business card- locksmith
1 (one) business card- auto shop 
1 (one) business card- self One Visa card- BofA One Atm/Visa card- BofA One Costco card
Hey bastards, I really am going to update this page. Next week (right). The summer project (99) is almost finished. It will be there in an 800 X 600 friendly version. Now that I've Mastered the ENTIRETY of HTML possiblities (sure), I'm moving on to using GoLive and Flash, so look for pretty pictures and ugly words. My God damned counter got reset when I did my last update so add about six hundred.

Get your fade on.