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Music crap:

Akai MPC2000 something- sampling drum machine.
EMU Planet Phatt- I know, the name sounds lame.
SONY recording minidisc-
headphones- that dont leak sound.
Roland JP-8080- analog modeler, yo.
Novation drum and superbass stations.

Wormwood- actually I've got it, but now I don't have any Everclear and I need to make more. It goes down best mixed with Pastis- not Pernod. Trust me on this.
Absinthe- available from the Czech Republic  by mail. Sebor
A mic tube pre amp-
Water- Got it. My brother had a case of the premillenium paranoids resulting in 5 (five) cases of drinking water.
And I won't even go into the creamed corn...
A CD-ROM burner w/VS-880 software
Camera- Got it.
A valid driver's license
A tube mic- I'm gonna have to get a cheap one 'cause I can't save my way out of a paper bag.
A dual deck CD mixer
Pastis bottle

This is Pastis, a much more enjoyable anise based drink. It has more of the herb flavors that are missing in Pernod and yet is not sickly sweet like other drinks.

Ah, la Muse Verte.