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Laugh at my fiscal misery and stupid acquisitions.

	My job rears its ugly head...

Last night.

numerous cups sake
numerous cups sake with Everclear and ice

nothing- I was suddenly overcome with pre-work stress syndrome...

This morning

1 (one) cup C.C. Lemon
1 (one) more cup C.C. Lemon
1 (one) stick KissMint Wake Up gum

Fillmore Jazz Festival
15 (fifteen) minutes of Jazz and Blues
Then I got paranoid about getting to work in time.
The crowds on the street was mad... work 1 (one) stick Black Black gum 2 (two) steak tacos- with guacamole and cheese 1 (one) stick KissMint Wake Up gum later 15 (fifteen) pieces Wendy's Crispy Chicken Nuggets 1 (one) more stick KissMint Wake Up gum Stupid work, but at least I found out I don't have to work tomorrow...