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Laugh at my fiscal misery and stupid acquisitions.

	Bounty from the Far East...

Last night.

2 (two) dozen tater tots- perfectly done this time,
well, a little extra crispy.
Several cups of sake- on the rocks
Several cups of sake with Everclear- on the rocks
Several hours sleep- passed out

Kokonut returns from the land of the ring sun...

1 (one) disk Armoured Core 3- Master of Arena (Japanese version)
1 (one) box Guronsan- ten bottles of the world's best hang-over remedy, yo.
1 (one) disk Armoured Core 2- just in case I didn't have it (I do).
1 (one) disk Char's Counter Attack- Ya didn't know I was an O.G. Gundam viewer (since '86)
1 (one)@black analogue playstation controller- somebody knows me too well.
1 (one) set  Audio-Technica collapsible headphones- way too well.
1 (one) menu from Mos Burger- Japan's best fast food restaurant
Suge!  Arigato gozaimashita, yo.

This morning

4 (four) hours Armoured Core
2 (two) pieces fried prawns
1 (one) half plate shrimp chow mein- Hong Kong style crispy!
1 (one) half plate Sesame Beef
1 (one) piece onion cake

2 (two) cups water
2 (two) cups sake and Everclear- with lemon and gingerale
better than it sounds
4 (four) more hours Armoured Core