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Laugh at my fiscal misery and stupid acquisitions.
This Morning:
1 (one) cup water

Fillmore Jazz Festival
2 (two) hours of Jazz and Blues- free

revenge of the jazz festival...
3 (three) cups Fosters beer- $12.00
seafood plate- $9.00
West African plate- $9.00
smoothing things out with the K- priceless

several fried clams
3 (three) fried shrimp
1 (one) fried oyster- the best kaki I've ever tasted,
and I've eaten a lot of fried oysters...
1 (one) over-heard comment
"I love California."
was it all the half-dressed young girls?

1 (one) double pack Polaroid film

2 (two) small cups sake

Fillmore Jazz Festival
1 (one)  box sake- looks like a juice box!

1 (one) double pack Polaroid film- $0.00
D'oh!  Uh, I'd like to exchange this...

 China Beach
2 (two) cans Schlitz malt liquor
2 (two) bottles Miller high life
2 (two) small pieces bar-b-que beef
quite tasty
more sake
1 (one) drunken half hour shot putting and discus throwing rocks
1 (one) drunken half hour throwing the frisbee (in the ocean)
1 (one) drunken moment of falling into the ocean and
losing my glasses...jikusho!

more sake
2 (two) changes of clothes
1 (one) shower

330 Ritch
2 (two) drunken games of pool
2 (two) cigarettes
more sake

last day scan 300 X 150 Bang bang BOOM...

Last night:
2 (two) big cups sake