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Laugh at my fiscal misery and stupid acquisitions.
This Morning:

1 (one) cup water
1 (one) Guronsan hangover remedy- careful now.
1 (one) more cup water
1 (one) hour Armoured Core
1 (one) Cinagro Energy Plus drink
1 (one) quarter plate Sesame Beef- leftovers
3 (three) small rectangular pieces Chinese chicken-

1 (one) cup Shuchu- hardcore sake-like liquor
1 (one) stick Kissmint Wake Up gum

later still
1 (one) cup sake
1 (one) cup gingerale
1 (one) piece chicken- with leeks, yellow bell peppers,
shallots and ginger-  garlic sauce
1 (one) more cup sake

day seven scan 300 X 150
I'll buy that for $20.00...

Last night:

(don't do this at home, well, home - yes, car- no.)
4 (four) ounces Dewar's Scotch-$8.00

7 (seven) ounces Maker's Mark Whiskey- gift

the G Spot
2 (two) Skky Vodka Gimlets- ?
1 (one) cigarette
tip for dancer- $20.00
Oh shit.  I thought that was a single.  
Well, it's she's got it now, I can't snatch it back...
1 (one) cigarette
4 (four) ounces Maker's Mark Whiskey- gift
1 (one) cigarette

1 (one) Blavod- on the rocks
or was that 2 (two)
or 3 (three)
Hell, I don't know