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Laugh at my fiscal misery and stupid acquisitions.
This Morning:

1 (one) drunken lamb chop- quite tasty though
2 (two) cups water

2 (two) cups water
2 (two) hours morning sun
I used to think that the day would never come...

day five scan 300 X 150
twenty bones I didn't spend

Last night:

1 (one) lamb chop with leeks, shallots, and ginger- pesto sauce
2 (two) glasses Everclear + ginger ale with lemon

1 (one) Kamakazi-like Tequila drink- mazui, yo.
4 (four) cranberry  vodka Gimlets- Oishii da.
1 (one) tip for bartender- $1.00

Alright, I know that sounds cheap, but my brother left a five...
O.K. that was cheap, but I'm broke.  Besides, someone left a five 
right in front of me (I didn't see who), Bro saw it and matched it, 
thinking it was mine... nevermind.