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Laugh at my fiscal misery and stupid acquisitions.
This Morning:
Took the bus home. Somehow I spent $50.00 last night (stupid financial trick #1)
1 (one) Sobˇ energy drink
1 (one) large coffee
1 (one) packet powdererd asprin
1 (one) bowl Unagi Donburi- broiled eel over rice
1 (one) swig of wine
1 (one) piece of Black Black chewing gum
2 (two) drops per eye- Ocuhist 
Also discovered that my friend had been going at the Everclear while I was asleep- What an Alcoholic. :)
1 (one) small Sanma- it's a fish, yo. With ginger and soy sauce.

I spent fifty bucks and all I got left is some damned quarters.

I didn't even wanna play pool after the third victory. By the way, my flask got left in the car last night as well as my cell phone. D'oh!

day two scan 300 X 150
Last night: At home
1 (one) small plate of canned corned beef hash- with hell of curry thrown in, ginger, too.
1 (one) Vodka, Everclear, Rose's lime concoction
Later 1 (one) dozen Mcdonald's french fries- I don't know about that one.
Happy Hour at Pow
1 (one) Blavod on the rocks
1 (one) Guiness (Ah, London, Nastukashi...)
Once again I served:
several hefty beatdowns in Tekken 3-
Plus, whupped up Eddy best two outta three with Kuma! in the
several swigs from the flask- Johnny Walker Black Scotch
0 (zero)- nothing
330 Ritch
1 (one) Maker's Mark Manhattan- Mmmm Mmmm...
1 (one) more Guiness
Other consumption: more drunk talk